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Woman Fired Over Anti-Military Post

Woman Fired Over Anti-Military Post

Military discounts are making headlines again. You know where we stand on companies offering military discounts and one Manhattan, Kansas woman made her belief's more than clear on Facebook.

Megan May posted this comment in September on her personal Facebook page:

"Everyone is constantly glorifying the military calling them "heroes" etc. War is not "heroic". Saying no to violence and solving problems peacefully is heroic. So no, I will not thank those who CHOOSE (ON THEIR OWN FREE WILL) to go kill themselves in battle. Get a life and a real job. Oh, And stop demanding a military discount everywhere you go. You're no better, nor no more deserving than a "civilian"."

Her employer, Carmike Cinemas, fired her for this post and said they support the military and honor military personnel. They offer a military discount that brings movie admission to $7 for military.

Friends, this is why we do what we do. So that you don't have to feel uncomfortable asking for a discount. So that you know before walking in to a company if a discount is offered and so that you don't ask a Ms. Megan May for a military discount she doesn't think you deserve.

What do you think about Ms. May's post? Did she deserve to be fired or should her Facebook speech be protected under the First Amendment?