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While there is not a military discount at Walmart, there is a free $15 gift card if you sign up at Sam's Club. Learn more about this deal.

Walmart is one of the strongest supporters of military and veteran causes. The company's commitment to serving our community in philanthropical endeavors is beyond reproach. Here is a short list of great deeds performed by Walmart:

This list is truly impressive and as a private organization, Walmart has the right and choice to serve the military community in the best way it sees fit.


The MVDC team is constantly asked by its loyal members why doesn't Walmart have a standing military or veteran discount. On behalf of our users, we felt it was our duty to do something unprecedented. MVDC decided to sponsor a discount petition to urge Walmart to provide military and veteran discounts.

Will this unprecedented action work?
We don't know. But collectively as a group, if we can come to Walmart with 100,000 signatures or more of military personnel and veterans that would benefit financially from a military discount, maybe they will reconsider their position.

Urge Walmart To Provide Military Discounts

Here is how you can make a difference as a member of the military or veteran community to urge Walmart to provide military and veteran discounts:

  1. 1. Sign our Facebook discount petition. Update - this petition is closed. See results below.

  2. 2. Forward this discount petition to your friends. This can't be stressed enough. A grassroots campaign like this needs all the support it can get.

  3. 3. If you are a loyal Walmart customer, please continue to be one. If you are not a loyal customer and you are on the fence, shop there anyway.

Our goal is to demonstrate in a positive manner how loyal we are as a customer base and to show Walmart how many more of us will engender loyalty to their company by providing discounts to our members. If you are not a Walmart customer, think about the many loyal Walmart shoppers that would benefit from a small but needed discount from the company.

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"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito" ~ African Proverb