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Businesses Not Honoring Veterans ID Cards

Recently, Rhode Island became the 39th state that either has passed legislation or has pending legislation to provide an official form of veteran identfitication so veterans can get their discounts. The problem is - most businesses are unaware that these IDs exist. Adding insult to injury, states' budgets have been slashed, so they have been reluctant to promote these programs. Luckily, in certain states, counties have picked up the slack and most counties get 200-400 local businesses to promote certain discounts to veterans and military personnel.

In Virginia, one of our members contacted the local media about this and it actually made the local news. (click on video picture to view the video). Since we were mentioned in the video, (without our knowing) we took it upon ourselves to contact the companies mentioned and we are currently working with one of them to put something together for the veteran community. In short, your actions and the things you do are starting to make a difference, and we thank you. Our work is not done, however. As a group, we can fulfill our mission of connecting businesses with discounts with those that have served in three simple ways

1. Tell people you know about MVDC. Businesses operate in a quid pro quo fashion. The more people they know you can reach, the more they will do for you. You've seen what we can do already with our limited numbers so more is on the way. Just tell one or two people you know about MVDC.

2. If you see a discount, add a discount and always ask. Most chains already have military discounts and we have a majority of them listed, but small businesses we come in contact with jump at what we are doing and readily add their discounts to our list. There are just too many of them, so the more people adding discounts, the better.

3. When you see an inconsistent policy, post it on MVDC. Businesses are starting to take notice of what we (mainly you, our community) is doing. As the video mentions, the main issue is lack of awareness, so the more people know, the more you save.