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Veterans Day 2012 Recap

MVDC started Veterans Day 2012 with one thing in mind - to have the largest list of discounts and deals for military personnel and veterans. Our list was rather large, but when we examined the number of locations providing discounts and deals for veterans, we were blown away.

49,000 - the number of locations nationally that had deals and discounts for military personnel or veterans

110,000 - the number of people that visited MVDC during the three day holiday. We thought the site was going to break

1,275,505 - the number locations we estimate have military or veteran discounts, but have not told anyone about it. This is where you come in. If you see a discount, please add it to the site. It helps out our fellow military personnel and troops and you help out the little guys in business. The businesses that don't have marketing staffs to market their business and rely upon word of mouth to stay alive.

Examples include Scott Taylor from Taylor Made Charters, or Bistro 1888, Karate World, The Fujiya House and the hundreds of small businesses that add their discounts to MVDC. They may not have the budget that Applebees does to show their support, but they do have the heart and the desire. Please make sure you help out the little guy.

Finally, we got a nice plug from FoxNews online about MVDC and the Veterans Day Deals. Help us out by spreading the word about MVDC -we are little guys too!