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Veteran Designation On Drivers Licenses

States That Provide Veteran Designations on Driver's Licenses

Updated 3/11/2013

More states are providing veteran designation on the driver's license to help veterans get the discounts they deserve. Our count has 42 states that provide or have pending legislation that will allow veterans to obtain a designation on their drivers license.

MVDC is keeping a close eye on the veteran designation movement as it spur more businesses to provide discounts for veterans in addition to military personnel. If your state is not providing discounts, we encourage you to email your state representative and reference this list as an example of what other states are doing. In 2011, MVDC assisted veterans in Arizona and New York designation legislation in the hands of their congressional leaders in their respective states.

State by state breakdown

State Military Discounts Status
Alabama 3756 No Legislation
Alaska 433 Yes
Arizona 4709 Pending Legislation
Arkansas 2692 Yes
California 22305 Pending
Colorado 5515 No Legislation
Connecticut 2360 Yes
Delaware 802 Yes
District of Columbia 5582 No Legislation
Florida 14519 Yes
Georgia 7807 Yes
Hawaii 717 No Legislation
Idaho 1270 No Legislation
Illinois 8914 Pending
Indiana 5320 Yes
Iowa 2614 Yes
Kansas 2761 Yes
Kentucky 3405 Fall of 2012
Louisiana 3548 Yes
Maine 1016 Yes
Maryland 3750 Yes
Massachusetts 4409 Yes
Michigan 6648 Yes
Minnesota 6648 Yes
Mississippi 2328 Yes
Missouri 4888 Yes
Montana 865 No Legislation
Nebraska 2070 Yes
Nevada 1968 Pending
New Hampshire 1154 Pending
New Jersey 5072 Yes
New Mexico 1637 Yes
New York 9475 Yes
North Carolina 7612 Yes
North Dakota 632 Yes
Ohio 8459 Yes
Oklahoma 3125 Yes
Oregon 2735 Yes
Pennsylvania 7824 Yes
Rhode Island 942 Yes
South Carolina 3817 Yes
South Dakota 711 Yes
Tennessee 5197 Yes
Texas 19696 Yes
Utah 2082 Yes
Vermont 419 No Legislation
Virginia 6502 Yes. Virginia has a veteran ID
Washington 4525 Pending
West Virginia 1462 Yes
Wisconsin 3820 Yes
Wyoming 588 No Legislation