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Tough Mudder Military Discount

Tough Mudder Military Discount

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day and were able to take advantage of some of our amazing discounts!

Now that summer is officially here, we are all about spending time in the sun, getting in shape and enjoying the weather! One of our favorite events that incorporates all three, plus a little bit of mud, is the Tough Mudder. Designed by British Special Forces, Tough Mudder events are 10-12 mile obstacle courses that create what is arguably the most challenging series in the world.

Tough Mudder participants compete as a team and work together to overcome obstacles that range from scaling twelve foot walls, climbing through underground mud tunnels, and swimming through ice water. Participants are met with a huge party at the finish line which includes a band and a beer.

However, our favorite part of the whole race is that the organization has raised more than $5.5 million for the Wounded Warrior Project. WIth over 700,000 participants worldwide, Tough Mudder raises money to help Wounded Warrior Project provide combat stress recovery programs, develop adaptive sports programs, and provide benefits counseling as well as employment services. Any participant who raises $150 or more for Wounded Warrior Project is given a $25 refund on their race entry fee. In addition, the company hosts a team of Wounded Warriors in every event.

Their commitment to our troops doesn't stop there. Tough Mudder provides a $10 discount off participant registration to US Military Members. The discount is available for active duty and veterans only.

Lace up your shoes, hit the gym and take advantage of a great military discount will contributing to a worthwhile organization.