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Top 40 Cities For Military Discounts

Military discounts became very popular during World War II as way for local merchants to attract and thank transient service members for their patronage. Since then, it has become a beloved word in the lexicon of military personnel and veterans and it is a major component in tying military and civilian communities together. MVDC commissioned military spouses nationwide to conduct research on the top cities for military discounts. We did this because we wanted to see if there were regional differences in how locations view military discounts and we wanted to uncover hidden gems to help military personnel and veterans save money. For cities that rank on high on this list, they do have a few things in common.

Our initial assumption of cities located near major military installations would have the highest military discounts per capita did not come to fruition. In fact, 9 cities in our top 20 are not near major military installations. What top cities do have in common are a high concentration of national chains that provide military discounts and, more importantly, an active local chamber of commerce that promotes military and veteran discounts.


MVDC examined cities or regions with populations of 100,000 residents or more. Unfortunately, this excludes locations like Watertown, NY; Salina, KS; and Manhattan, KS that have very active veteran services organizations and chambers of commerce that promote military discounts. Second, we looked at the number of merchant discounts in a 25-50 mile radius and adjusted the scaling based upon the presence of competing cities. Finally, we compared the number of merchant military discount locations to the number of residents per thousands to create the per capita index.