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Small Business Saturday: Las Vegas Air Zone

Small Business Saturday: Las Vegas Air Zone

It seems like all we can think about is the HEAT. With temperatures in the three digits across the country and new records being set in the west, staying cool is on our top priority list. We love the great outdoors but this heat wave is keeping us, and hopefully you, inside where the air conditioning is cooling us off!

Our cooling systems don't always care about the weather outside and this would be about the worst time for the air conditioning to go out but it could (and it does!) happen. We want you to be prepared for the worst case scenario so we found Air Conditioning Las Vegas Air Zone,a local, family-owned air conditioning company.

The multi-generational company understands the unique cooling needs of life in the desert. Cooling a home is a necessity in the harsh desert climate and can often be excruciatingly expensive. Las Vegas Air Zone strives to create long term relationships with customers and treat them like family. This locally owned company also honors the men and women of the U.S. military by providing a military discount for them as well as their families.

Whether it's for routine maintenance or a weather emergency, try Las Vegas Air Zone and let us know what you think! Stay cool out there!