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PCS season comes too quickly every year. If you’re not the ones moving, it’s your neighbor or your best friend. As summer moves start to come together the biggest question is to DITY or not to DITY. PODS is making that question easier to answer with their Personally Procured Move (PPM) program that comes with a great military discount.

PODS is a company that provides storage and moving containers and then can deliver those containers to you new location. The storage containers are secure and many military members keep household goods in them while they deploy. For a PCS, military members fill the pod, can have it stored while searching for a new house, and then delivered upon the actual move.

PODS will deliver your moving container to your door on the day you want to pack it all up. Once it’s packed, the company will pick it up and obtain DITY weight tickets. This can make a DITY move so much easier with no weigh stations, paperwork, or even driving.

The discount differs based on details of the move but for local moves most military receive 10% off initial deliver and first month’s storage. For long distance moves, there is a 5% discount on storage, fees, and transportation costs. For more details and to get your discount, call 866-556-9574 and mention the military promo code MILT.

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