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Pet Relocation Discounts!

Pet Relocation Discounts!

PCS orders for summer moves are in the works and every year, MVDC relates to the stress and excitement of that time. Being the nomadic creatures we are, military families thrive on the prospect of a new location but that doesn't make the actual moving process less stressful.

Here's what does - is a military pet relocation company. They will arrange a custom move for your four legged friends by ground or air to almost anywhere in the world, domestic or international. This Veteran owned company has a good understanding of what it takes to get a pet safely to your new location.

If you cannot take your pet to your new location, happily relocates your pet to a friend or family member who will watch your pet while you are away. They offer a 25% discount to military members on domestic travel and 20% international travel. The discount is also valid for retirees and veterans.

Have you used a pet relocation service? Let us know about your experience!