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Outback Steakhouse Celebrates July 4!

Outback Steakhouse Celebrates July 4!

It's one of our favorite holidays at MVDC, The Fourth of July! We love barbecues, fireworks, the time with family, honoring the troops, and remembering our American heritage, not to mention the amazing military discounts.

We have collected over 15,000 military discounts this year. Head on over to our database and be sure to support those businesses that support our military!

While all the discounts are great in their own way, we did want to make sure you swing by Outback Steakhouse this weekend. Although they may be Australian at first glance, we think Outback Steakhouse has some serious American roots.

The restaurant launched Operation Feeding Freedom in 2002, sending a team of employees to Afghanistan to make sure our troops were well fed. Since then, Outback Steakhouse has made 9 trips to the Middle East and served over 215,000 troops.

This year, Outback Steakhouse is continuing their long standing tradition of supporting our troops by giving 10% off the entire check (excluding alcohol) to military personnel from May 27th - July 4th 2013. Identification is required and includes a 2013 U.S. Uniform Services ID card, a U.S. Uniform Services Retired ID card, a current LES, a Veterans Organization Card, or be wearing a U.S. military uniform.

How are you spending the Fourth of July this year?