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MVDC Wants YOU....!

MVDC Wants YOU....!

We thrive on our community of military members and military families. We work hard to bring you the best discounts available so that you aren't uncomfortable in asking for a military discount. So, here's what we need from you.

We need you to tell your friends about us! We need you to get the word out about our services and our mobile app. The more military members that take advantage of our discount list and use our app,the more we can work to provide those discounts.

In addition to downloading the app and telling your friends, it is a huge help to us when you add a discount to our site. Our job is to save you time and money and you can help us help you to do both!

Our app and site makes taking advantage of existing discounts easy for you. So, share the good news! Tell your friends, encourage them to support us as we work to support you!