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Heroes Home Advantage

Heroes Home Advantage

Are you looking to buy or sell a home? Be sure to check out Heroes Home Advantage, a group of local realtors who have strong ties to the U.S. military who are committed to giving a portion of their commission back to the buyer!

Buying and selling a home may be the most expensive endeavor of your life and many of us feel lost in the process. Some military members are even looking to buy a home without seeing the property first. It’s important to have a realtor your can trust. Heroes Home Advantage is a group of licensed relators who are veterans, military mothers, military fathers, military children, and military siblings, as well as retired police officers, teachers, and nurses.

While the real estate process can be complicated, this program is fairly straightforward. For a home costing $150,000 a seller or buyer will receive up to 25% of the realtor’s commission back in cash or credit which would be $1,125.

Looking to save even more money? Check out the Caring Community, a group of attorneys, lenders, inspectors, and others who will play a critical role in the real estate transaction, who are committed to giving heroes a discount for their services.

Active duty military, veterans, retired military, Reservists, and National Guard are all eligible for the program. In addition, first responders, members of the law enforcement community, teachers, and firefighters all qualify.