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Government Mandated Military Discounts

Government Mandated Military Discounts

This Saturday, we are taking a break from Small Business Saturday to address a hot button topic surrounding military discounts. As more states adopt the Veterans' ID Program which designates individuals as veterans, some legislators are pushing companies to provide discounts to those identified as a veteran.

In Connecticut, Senator Joe Markley is specifically requesting that Home Depot and Lowe's honor the Veterans' ID program by giving discounts to the identified parties. With over 72 legislative signatures, the movement is essentially trying to mandate a government or military discount.

Now, you know we love our military discounts. It's what we do. We work hard to ensure that our men and women in uniform and their families know what they are entitled to. But, mandating a discount is not what we are about and while we don't speak on behalf of the entire U.S. military, we are pretty sure our brothers and sisters would agree.

Most military folks don't like asking for discounts in the first place. The question itself can appear entitled and selfish and those are two things our military is not. That's why our app is designed to make service men and women aware of the discounts readily available so they don't have to take a chance asking. We would rather the discount be provided out of appreciation for service and sacrifice than a government mandate.

We are the land of the free. We fight for freedom and and we would die or that freedom. That freedom is extended to corporations and this mandate is actually the opposite of freedom. By forcing corporations such as Home Depot and Lowe's to provide a discount to those who would otherwise be excluded from the discount is taking away profit, intruding on the very freedoms we fight for.

Servicemen and women appreciate military discounts both for the discount itself and the corporate acknowledgment of their service. Ironically, a discount required by law cheapens the spirit of the discount, making it clear to servicemen and women that it is not an acknowledgement of their service, but just a cost of doing business. And while it may not tread on some of those freedoms that Americans traditionally hold dear such as freedom of speech or freedom of religion, it treads on that freedom which affects our daily lives more than any other: the freedom to business whenever and with whomever we please, on whatever terms we desire. Don't let freedoms be cheapened in the name of supporting the troops.