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Do Military Personnel Or Veterans Deserve Discounts

A hot button issue that is guaranteed to elicit a strong reaction is when a business denies a current or former service member a military or veteran discount. So much so, that it makes headline news on a slow news day. Before we get started, a quick disclaimer: While MVDC is pro military and veteran discount, our take is that a business has the right to treat its customers anyway it sees fit. Furthermore, we believe that when one chooses a life of service and sacrifice, that it is a calling and answering the call has intrinsic benefits that can't be measured financially. With that said, we do see a lot of confusion around businesses that waive the flag from a marketing perspective as policies become misinterpreted by military personnel and veterans.

A quick examination of the web reveals the following

Lowes Complaint by John w Giep

Lowes denied Veteran with 8 Years service with valid discharge certificate , but no photo ID even with presenting photo drivers lic. I server during the Korean war There is other companies thar will honor your discharge without a photo ID.. and they carry the same thing Lowes does/. Lowes is not honoring the Military as they say they are|. What a JOKE'. The store I visited Was in Johnson City Tennessee!.The sales person at the check out was very rude about it and if I did not like it to call the corporate office".and thats tough luck..

I just got off the phone with customer service and was told that Best Buy does not offer any military discount. I was shocked. I had thought that BB was a pro-military organization. Guess I was wrong and now I'm disappointed.

Spirit Airlines offers no discount for military, unlike most U.S. carriers
Source: FoxNews
Most airlines salute active duty military members with various discounts, but serving your country won't get you a break from tight-fisted Spirit Airlines.
Free bags, modest discounts and special rates are some of the perks active duty U.S. military personnel enjoy on most domestic carriers, but the Fort Lauderdale-based budget carrier currently taking heat from veterans groups for refusing to refund a $197 to a dying veteran does not offer discounted fares for fighting men and women.

Military Spouses and the Sense of Entitlement On Military Discounts! (video)
Source: RealMilitaryWives.TV


MVDCs recent discount petition for the Walmart Military Discount revealed some interesting statistics. While the common belief is that there is a sense of entitlement, most of the survey respondents indicated that at least for Walmart, it was a sense of giving back that is motivating them to prompt the company to provide a discount.


So, once and for all, we would like to ask any user of this website the following question:
1. How should the troops or vets react when denied a discount?