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1200 Dollars Saved Through A Military Discount

An MVDC member called me back in October yelling at me for not listing T-mobile as having a veterans discount. I told him I would get it up, but I was in no hurry to do so based upon my experience with AT&T. I thought all big telecoms were the same and I did not want anyone to go through what I went through. You can read that in detail here. Needless to say, 21 months into my AT&T contract, I did not receive any discount and I was paying, with a full data plan, $150.00 per month. Like most vets, I didn't want to look like a mooch for begging for the discount and more importantly, I did not want to get angry for not receiving it.

I have been a T-Mobile member for 10 years. My wife is on this plan (I got AT&T so I could test out the iPhone and build the MVDC mobile app) and it costs around $100 per month. This week, I decided to put my pride aside and see if I could get the veterans discount or if would get the run around.

I first called customer service, they instructed me to complete a form and go to the nearest store with a copy of my DD-214. I asked about the veterans discount and Kalvin and Alex at the T-Mobile in Issaquah, WA said - and I quote "hell yes"! The discount had these bennies:

  • 15% off the monthly service fee
  • No activation fee
  • 15% off the phone


They threw in a free case because I served my country. They did not have to do that and I am grateful.

T-Mobile is awesome. Even better, I got two lines and an upgraded phone with unlimited everything for - you guessed it $150 per month. Not only do I get to pocket $1,200 bucks, but I am a loyal customer now and grateful that these guys cared enough to recognize my service. I can't stress this enough, but having someone thank you for something you did out of a sense of duty is awesome.

Thank you T-Mobile.

Terrence Thomas
Founder MVDC