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Military Discounts in Virginia

MVDC has close to 7000 business locations in Virginia that have discounts for military personnel and veterans. In addition to businesses providing discounts, the state of Virginia also provides discounts for those that have served. To find business discounts, enter your zipcode and category in the search box above.

State of Virginia discounts for veterans and military personnel

  • Qualified veterans can receive a Veterans Identification Card (VIC) issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles for a one-time fee of $10

Discounted Fees and Taxes

  • Resident and non-resident veterans with a service-connected disability may qualify for a special hunting and fishing license

Property tax

  • A property tax exemption for veterans with a 100% service-related disability applies to the principal residence and up to one acre of the land upon which it sits

Education Discounts

  • Spouses and children of service members who were 90% disabled resulting from military service in armed conflict, missing in action, taken prisoner, or killed may receive education benefits through the Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents program. This program may pay tuition and fees at any state-supported college or university for up to 4 years.

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