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Military Discounts in North Carolina

MVDC has close to 8000 business locations in North Carolina that have discounts for military personnel and veterans. In addition to businesses providing discounts, the state of North Carolina also provides discounts for those that have served. To find business discounts, enter your zipcode and category in the search box above.

State of North Carolina discounts for veterans and military personnel

Veterans Designation on drivers license: yes

Discounted Fees and Taxes

  • Certain disabled veterans may obtain a lifetime hunting and fishing license for $10

Property tax and Financial Benefits

  • State tax exemption for pay when in combat zone or when hospitalized as a result of
  • wound, disease or injury incurred while serving in a combat zone.
  • Military retirees may deduct up to $4,000 each year of military retirement benefits
  • included in federal taxable income.
  • State and federal retirees, including military, who have five or more years of
  • creditable service prior to August 1989 may exclude their entire retirement income
  • from state income tax.

  • Combat zone exemption: income tax is canceled for qualifying armed forces
  • personnel for the year of death and any prior year ending on or after the first day
  • served in combat.
  • Any assessment of income tax due prior to the time a person was inducted into the
  • armed forces will be canceled and abated if the serviceperson was killed while a
  • member or is receiving service-connected disability compensation.
  • Honorably discharged veterans who have a total and permanent service-connected
  • disability or who receive benefits for specially adapted housing are exempt from
  • property tax up to the first $45,000 of the appraised value of their permanent
  • residence.
  • All disability payments to veterans by reason of service in the Armed Forces are not reportable as income for income taxation purposes.
  • A motor vehicle, owned by a disabled veteran and altered to accommodate a service-connected disability, is exempt from state tax (105-275(5a))

Education Discounts

  • In-state tuition rate when enrolling in an institution for higher learning for members of the armed services
  • Tuition and fee assistance for National Guard members
  • 4-year Scholarships for qualifying natural or adopted children of certain class categories of deceased, disabled, combat or POW/MIA veterans to attend approved schools.
  • Military tuition refund for reserve and National Guard personnel at community colleges who are called to active duty or active duty personnel who have received temporary or permanent reassignments out of NC

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