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Military Discounts in Oregon

MVDC has close to 2800 business locations in Oregon that have discounts for military personnel and veterans. In addition to businesses providing discounts, the state of Oregon also provides discounts for those that have served. To find business discounts, enter your zipcode and category in the search box above.

State of Oregon discounts for veterans and military personnel

Veterans Designation on drivers license: yes

Discounted Fees and Taxes

  • One-time registration fee for motor vehicle registration for eligible veterans with a service-connected disability
  • Free hunting and angling license for disabled veterans rated at 25% or more
  • Free year-round camping for service-connected disabled veterans and active duty personnel on leave

Property tax and Financial Benefits

  • State veterans' home loan that is a separate benefit from the Federal VA Home Loan Guaranty Program

Education Discounts

  • Veterans' Dependent Tuition Waiver for a child or spouse of a member of the US Armed Forces who either died in active duty or became 100% disabled in connection with military service
  • Tuition benefit for Oregon residents who served as members of the National Guard or Reserves in an active duty capacity in a combat zone since September 11, 2001
  • Education benefits to veterans under the Oregon Veteran Educational Aid Program