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Military Discounts in Iowa

MVDC has a list of close to 2,700 locations in Iowa that have discounts for military personnel or veterans. Similar to businesses, the state of Iowa provides discounts for its veterans and military population. If you are looking for business discounts, use our search tool above.

State of Iowa discounts for veterans and military personnel

Veterans Designation on drivers license:  Yes

Discounted Fees and Taxes

  • The Military Homeownership Assistance Program provides eligible service members and veterans a $5,000 grant to be used as a down payment or closing cost on a home purchase in the State of Iowa (members must have served on active duty on or after 9/11/01 and purchased a home after 3/10/05).
  • The Property Tax Exemption benefit reduces a veteran’s assessed home value by $1,850 for property tax purposes (members must have served on active duty during a period of war or for a minimum of 18 months during peacetime).
  • The Iowa Injured Veterans Grant, which provides up to $10,000 to members or former members of the U.S. military who are residents of Iowa and were seriously injured during operations in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  • The Iowa Veterans Trust Fund, which is a multi-million dollar fund established by the state, provides funding to help Iowa veterans and their families with unemployment or underemployment assistance due to service-related causes, counseling and substance abuse services, housing repair, transitional housing in an emergency, and assistance with vision, hearing, dental care, durable medical equipment, and prescription drugs.
  • Military pay is exempt from state tax and delayed filing available during activation
  • Lifetime hunting and fishing license for a one-time $7.00 fee available to veterans with service-connected disability or POW.
  • Extension of driver’s license for active duty personnel (valid until six months following separation from active duty).
  • Honorably discharged veterans are eligible to purchase specialty license plates.
Education Discounts
  • The Iowa National Guard Education Assistance Program, which is a state-funded tuition assistance program that pays schools “up front” for the cost of an Iowa Army or Air Guardsman’s tuition.
  • The Operation Recognition High School Diploma program, which furnishes an honorary high school diploma to qualifying veterans who did not complete high school in Iowa due to armed service enlistment.
  • The Iowa War Orphans Educational Aid program, which is available to children of service members who have died while on active duty since 9/11.
  • In-state tuition to veterans and their families who move to attend Iowa’s Regents universities (the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Northern Iowa) and Iowa’s community colleges.

State Ranking on Military Discounts - 7