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Military Discounts in Illinois

MVDC has a list of close to 9,000 locations in Illinois that have discounts for military personnel or veterans. Similar to businesses, the state of Illinois provides discounts for its veterans and military population. If you are looking for business discounts, use our search tool above.

State of Illinois discounts for veterans and military personnel

Veterans Designation on drivers license: Pending

Discounted Fees and Taxes
  • Returning Veterans’ Homestead Exemption provides qualifying Veterans a one-time $5,000 reduction to their home’s equalized assessed value.
  • A $2500 Homestead Exemption on property taxes for veterans that are 50%-75% service rated disabled.
  • A $5000 Homestead Exemption on property taxes for veterans that are 75% - 100% service rated disabled.
  • Disabled veterans residing in a specially adapted home or a mobile home are also eligible for tax exemptions on their homes.

Education Discounts
  • Education financial aid provided to children (ages 10-18) of 100% service rated disabled veterans or veterans that were KIA.
  • Illinois Troops to Teachers Program can help eligible veterans with at least 6 years of honorable service transition to K-12 public school teaching.
  • The Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG) Program pays tuition and certain fees at all Illinois state-supported colleges, universities and community colleges for Illinois residents.
  • Children of veterans that were POWs, MIA, KIA or have 100% service rated disability are eligible for a four year full tuition scholarship at any state supported Illinois institution.