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Military Discounts in Florida

MVDC has a list of close to 15,000 locations in Florida that have discounts for military personnel or veterans. Similar to businesses, the state of Florida provides discounts for its veterans and military population. If you are looking for business discounts, use our search tool above.

State of Florida discounts for veterans and military personnel

Veterans Designation on drivers license: Yes

  • Homestead exemptions for deployed service members based on length of deployment in the preceding year.
  • Service-Disabled Veteran’s Businesses receive selection preference when bidding on State contracts.
  • Homestead exemption for disabled veterans of $5,000 in addition to standard exemption of $50,000. (Active, Guard, or Reserve)
  • 100% Homestead Exemption for totally and permanently disabled veterans
  • Free Driver’s Licenses for 100% disabled veterans
  • No county building fees for 100% permanently and totally disabled veterans
  • Enlisted members receive an additional $20 per day on state active duty (Guard only)
  • Free plates for disabled (100%) veterans and for National Guard(Active, Guard, or Reserve)
  • Free Purple Heart plates
  • Free fishing and small game license for disabled (100%) veterans
  • Military Gold Sportsman’s License at a substantially reduced cost (Active, Guard, or Reserve)
  • 25% discount on annual passes to State parks for active duty servicemembers, veterans and military reservists
  • Free annual passes to state parks for service connected disabled veterans and surviving spouses and parents of service members killed in action

Education Discounts

  • Priority placement in gifted, special needs and voucher programs for the children of military members
  • Prepaid 4 year scholarship program for spouses and children of Florida military members who die in the line of duty (State of Federal) or have been certified as having 100% permanent disability ratings.
  • Education Dollars for Duty: 100% of Tuition paid for in-state colleges and universities for National Guard Members up to a Master’s Degree.
  • ;Free undergraduate tuition at state colleges and universities for Florida recipients of the Purple Heart and other combat related decorations superior in precedence to the Purple Heart.
  • The Troops to Teachers Program: a referral and placement assistance service that helps eligible military personnel begins a new career as public school teachers. $5000 stipend to pay for certification and up to a $10,000 bonus
  • Military and family members receive in-state tuition rates