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SCHOOL TAX VETERANS EXEMPTIONS Lake Placid School BoardFebruary 4, 2014New York State Assembly Bill # 565 authorizes the School Board to adopt a resolution to provideVeterans with a school tax exemption. The bill allows 15 percent reduction in assessed value forVeterans who served during a time of war, plus another 10 percent for those who were in a combatzone and an additional reduction for service-connected disabilities I am a Veteran, like others here this evening, who gave a commitment to our Country to protect our Citizens, our Constitution, and we were willing to put ourselves in harm’s way or even to die for yourrights and mine. This small token of appreciation from the people that we sacrificed for would go along way in telling every Veteran how much they value their brave men and women of the military.I fully appreciate that the Governor and the Assembly did not mandate this legislation and left it up to the local authorities to make the decision.I am a retired US Marine that served 20 years and 21 months in combat in Vietnam.It is not the monetary value that is important. It is the recognition.Thank You for your consideration and implementation of Bill # 565 Al ArmstrongWilmingtonA PROUD VETERAN
5712 NYS Route 86, Wilmington
NY, 12997

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