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HavnaBall - Amazon seller
HavnaBall is a small family owned ecommerce retailer. Our main brands are Embolden Jewelry®, Yabber® toys and pet toys and casem™ cell phone cases and accessories. HavnaBall has over 400 products including jewelry, cell phone cases and accessories, hanging organizers, toys, dog toys, party supplies, and more.HavnaBall received an order from military personnel for a Santa Hat. This inspired us to thank our military personnel and their families during the Christmas season. HavnaBall is implementing a discount on its Amazon products through 12/31/2013 for all military personnel and their friends and family. A 15% discount on all HavnaBall products shipped by Amazon can be received by typing in the following code ABEPROUD in the promotion box at checkout. We want to say thank you to everyone who sacrifices so much for our country. Go to and type HavnaBall in the search line to find HavnaBall products. They are categorized on the left so you can click on different departments to aid in your search. Add your items to your cart and remember to type in the promotional code ABEPROUD when you checkout for a 15% discount. Feel free to share the code with your friends, family and especially any and all military personnel.We thank all military personnel, veterans and their friends and families for the sacrifices they make to keep our country safe.Thank You!!!!!Merry Christmas from HavnaBall
125 S, King St., Jackson
WY, 83001

Phone: 989-464-2209


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