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Fire & Ice
At Fire & Ice, the collections are as varied as what you might find in open air markets in far away lands. Art Glass, in all its wonderful forms, is arranged throughout each store, brightly representing some of the most respected and brilliant glass artists and studios in the United States and Canada, as well as around the world. Fossil specimen, petrified woods & pinecones, and fascinating crystal formations stand as silent guardians of secrets of the ancient world-secrets held for millions of years. Carving, the oldest form of Man’s artistic expression, is well represented at Fire & Ice. Colorful minerals, woods and even rare fossilized ivories (only legal specimen; of course) have been carved into amazing works of art by skilled master craftsmen around the world. The gems and jewels on display in the Fire & Ice stores are vibrant, and evoke the colors and textures of our planet’s rich natural history.15% OFF with military ID.*OFFER VALID THROUGH DECEMBER 1, 2014. SEE STORE FOR DETAILS
164 Waterfront Street, National Harbor
MD, 20745

Phone: 301-686-0263


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