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Airrington Genealogy & Family Heritage Consulting
Airrington Genealogy & Family Heritage Consulting...provides services to those that are interested in building a family tree, adoptees looking for biological parents, research services, Ancestral Pedigree's, Free Seminars and general genealogical & historic consulting services. Our rates are already the lowest in the business...however we GUARANTEE results or we will not accept your case. We have been successful in many areas of our field, including finding the biological grandparents of a client. The ONLY information we had was a hospital receipt from 1942 from a hospital that did not exist. The name on the receipt did not show up in any records anywhere. We had no idea if the person was alive or deceased...however, within two weeks we built a 100 page file and was able to find photographs of the grandmother AND THE we put pour client in contact with her cousins, aunts and uncles.The 30% discount applies to any service or hourly rate package. It however, will not apply to hard goods as most often these are provided for free or at cost.From a simple document search to a complex adoption case we got you covered. "It's Who You Are!™"
830 Kevin Way, Medford
OR, 97504

Phone: 5412071900


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